Munta AlZayer
Boulder, CO 2015.


I am Muntadhar AlZayer, a recent graduate from University of Colorado at Boulder I am currently looking for a position working with IT infrastructure for enterprises. Feel free to send me an email and check out my resume below.


University of Colorado at Boulder

2014 - 2018

Computer Science, B.A.
Boulder, CO. USA
Highlight Courses
Big Data Architecture
> Gained experience in AWS Cloud Services such as: EC2, Lambda, Kinesis, and DynamoDB
> Moody Query: Utilized Twitter Enterprise Search API and Big Data to color a map of the world based on the sentiment of tweets in the various countries
Linux System Administration
> We used two different virtualization technologies: VirtualBox for testing any changes before moving those changes to the production VMs which were hosted on VMWare vSphere hypervisor and was managed using the Flash Web Portal
> Using CentOS, we were taught Linux System Administration and we were able to set up a DMZ network with: DNS, DHCP, FTP, and a webserver with a backup
> I learned how to set up a secure multi-level firewall, populate DNS records, and utlilize virtualization in order to tackle multiple services
Introduction to Cybersecurity
> We were taught common practices that will reinforce the security of the IT infrastructure
> Also, we were familiriazed with common attacks that are conducted against the Availability, Integrity, and Confidentiality of institutions worldwide
Software Development Methods and Tools
> Forum for students to share their resources among each other
> We used: Heroku, Microsoft Azure, and Agile method of development

Al-Hussan International High School 2012 - 2014 International Baccalaureate Dhahran, KSA

Higher Level Computer Science
> Gained experience in Java and Object-Oriented Programming early in my studies


I am a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner as of October 19, 2018. Expires 2020.
    </br>  The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam enables individuals with an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud to validate their knowledge with an industry-recognized credential. It provides individuals in a larger variety of cloud and technology roles with a way to validate their AWS Cloud knowledge and enhance their professional credibility.


Project Nur - University of Colorado at Boulder Chapter Vice President, May 2016 - 2018

Project Nur aims to improve intercultural understanding through a civic approach as well as challenge the perception of a monolithic uniform Muslim community in the United States and abroad. We worked to nullify negative stereotypes by creating dialogue among students and inviting high-profile speakers to campus.
Awarded International Student of the Year Award 2016 “In recognition of the outstanding contributions to promote international understanding on campus and in the community as a whole” - Office of International Education
Below are examples of the events we hosted on campus:

Dissecting the rhetoric of the 2016 American election on the Muslim community
G. Willow Wilson is the author of the first female muslim character in the Marvel Universe, we invited her to campus to speak about her thoughts on Islam and her journey to getting Ms. Marvel
Hasan Minhaj was invited to campus to bring a comedic take on issues in America

CU International Vice President, January 2015 - 2016

Worked with International Students and Scholar Services (ISSS), Cultural Unity and Engagement Center, and our student leadership to organize two weekly events, and a bi-weekly meeting aimed at fostering an international community on campus.


These are the projects I have worked on during my time at CU Boulder:

Moody Query - ATLS4214 Big Data Architecture

We developed a Web-Application using Amazon Web Services, Twitter Enterprise Search API, and Flask. The website would request a search term from the user then batches of the results are piped throughAWS Kinesis into AWS Lambda where the sentimental analysis library would be processed on the text of the tweet. The tweet is then given a number in a range of -1 marking a bad attitude and 1 given to a positive attitude towards the search query. These results then paint the various countries based on the sentiment of tweets towards the search term.
I was mainly responsible for the administrative tasks, and I coded up the sentimental analysis on the tweets with Python.

PythonAWSBig DataTwitter Enterprise APIGit

Happy Tracking - CSCI3002 User Centered Design & Development

The project we deveoloped is an example of an in-depth package tracker that would aggregate your packages across multiple third-party shippers to be effeciently tracked with Happy Tracker. It would also connect to your Amazon account and grab the packages from there, this saves you the headache of horrible package notifications and gives you the pleasure of in-depth push notifications. This class was more focused on the UI experience of the end user so we had our classmates give us feedback everytime we make changes to our prototype.
The prototype below is made using Figma to get the feedback of the end user, and make changes quickly while a software is in the early stages of development To get a good overview of the prototype i recommend following these steps:
  1. Click on the Happy Tracking to start
  2. Enter Manage Packages. This central management screen gives you access to information of your current and old packages
  3. Click "Present from Grandma". This gives you further detail into every package
  4. Track this package. This view shows you a map with tracking devices on the third-party trucks

Human Centered DevelopmentPrototyping & Feedback loopFigmaUser Interface

Homework Underground - CSCI3308 Software Dev Methods and Tools

This was my first experience with Agile development methodology and we aimed to create a forum for students to upload and share their resources. We utilized PHP, HTML and CSS to code the front end of the application and the app was hosted on Heroku and Microsoft Azure. This forum lacked the population of users, documents and activity in general.

PHPHTML & CSSFull Stack Web ApplicationStudent Forums


Contact Details

I'd love your feedback! Please get in touch with me using the details below:

Dammam, KSA
Phone: +966 (054) 228-4999
Email: Muntadhar.AlZayer@Gmail.com
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